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The Ice Cream Cake recipe + order
form digital bundle has arrived!

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About The Nola Planner

I am passionately in pursuit of a peaceful home where my family and others feel loved, taken care of, and at home. I find joy in the little details that make a home feel like a tranquil place to rest, and gatherings feel special. While life’s demands don’t seem to slow down, I am convinced that with a little organization and planning, there is a way to find regular pockets of rest and fun in the midst of our crazy schedules. It may take some practice, but if we are willing to slow our busy minds and determine what really needs to be prioritized on a daily basis, I believe we can find more time to enjoy things that we really love. Don’t get me wrong, it is hard to stop being busy, and sometimes even impossible, but there is a way to find margin if we are willing to do the work of decluttering our thoughts and schedules.


Join me on the journey of finding tranquility in organization!


xoxo, Jess 


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